Tuesday, April 17, 2012

beaten the plateau! week....12 maybe?

Hello fellow blitzers! I always seem to be apologising for not updating my blog. 2 kids and working out and working and computer time seems to slip to the bottom of the priority pile!

I have been stuck on a plateau for what seems like FOREVER! My weight fluctuating between 68 and 69kg. FINALLY I dropped and am sitting at 67.7kg and weigh in is on Thursday so hoping for a bigger drop. I have been working out A LOT! Spartan race is in 4 weeks!!!

I have come to the conclusion that losing weight after babies is as different for each baby as each baby and pregnancy is different. With Callum the weight dropped off steadily by eating 1,800cals a day and working out. This time round that just did not seem to be working regardless of how much a changed it around.

I have cut out red meat, anything full fat, anything white (flour, rice, pasta, bread) and sticking to whole grains. I am eating as MUCH fruit and veggies as I can. If I go over my calorie allowance with fruit I don't mind. No-one got fat eating fruit and veggies! So far so good...my milk is good and the weight is finally dropping off. Iona is on solids now, eating oatmeal twice a day and yoghurts and sweet potato. I know we build fat stores to use for breast feeding and maybe this pregnancy I held onto my feeding stores a little longer?

I will post weight and stats on thursday. Until then...


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Week 6: Something to aim for

Hi all!
Sorry I have been a little slack in updating. Luckily I am over the dreaded plateau and am losing weight again. I will have to do an update of measurements and stats tomorrow, it's not huge but it is going in the right direction.

So...I always feel better when I have something to aim for and last night Scott, my darling husband, signed us both up to do the Spartan Race in May (http://www.spartanrace.com/). It is ONLY 5km BUT it is 5km of hell, or so I have heard! You need all your upper and lower body strength, stamina and endurance so I am really looking forward to it. It also means we can train together which will be fantastic. I am also considering doing the warrior dash in August with a girlfriend. Having something to aim for gives your fitness training a reason and a goal aside from just losing weight and getting in shape. Motivation makes ALL the difference.

So go on the internet, find a 5k, 10k race or something that you enjoy doing and sign up!

Happy Blitzing!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Week 4 and a dreaded plateau

No weight loss this week, still 70.3kg but I have lost 2 inches from my waist (now 30inches).

Reading back through my blogs from when I had Callum, eating less carbs and upping my cardio helped get back onto the weightloss wagon. I am really struggling this time not being able to run but I have been working out this week and using the elliptical trainer so I guess the scales will tell on Monday! I may even try a wee jog one evening and see how I get on as I would love to start running again.

I have been combining strength training with cardio to try and squeeze as much as I can into a 30minute workout which is all I can get some days.

I have about 8 strength training moves that I go through, and between each one I either skip rope for 30seconds or do star jumps for 30seconds.

1- lunges going into a push up, alternating legs, 2 reps of 10.

2- weight above head with both hands, left leg behind. Bring left knee up to chest and bring weight down to meet knee. 10 left leg then 10 right leg

3- push up then raise left arm to ceiling and turn head up to look arm, then push up and do same with right arm. Alternate arms for 2 reps of 10

4- squat on right leg and hold left leg out in front of you off the ground, then stretch left leg out to side, return to front and stand up. 10 right leg then 10 left leg

5- lie on back with legs out in front of you and feet off the floor and arms above head also off floor. Bring knees to chest and arms to knees into a crunch and stretch out again. 2 reps of 10.

6- lie on left side against a wall, head resting on left hand and right arm in front of you. Place feet slightly in front of hips. Place heel of right foot against wall and raise up wall and down. Do this 10 times and switch sides.

7- squat and leg kick, 2 reps of 10

8- spidey push-ups

This really gets the blood pumping and works your legs, arms, core, back etc. Try and do it 3 times a week a long with some cardio on alternate days and see how you look and feel in a couple of weeks!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Week 3 - retraining your hunger

Well, this is the start of week 3. I lost another 0.6kg this week which is about 1.5lbs. Slowly coming off. I am not exercising as hard as I did after Callum due to the arthritis but I am trying to do SOMETHING every day, and this time round my maximum calorie intake is 1,600 a day where as last time it was 1,800 a day.

I have noticed that even if I have eaten, and I know I am not "hungry" I still want to eat more. I don't NEED more but my body and mind are used to eating more and it is easy to confuse and mistake that "over stuffed" feeling with just feeling satisfied. I am calling this "retraining your hunger". I know I am not hungry but I have gotten so used to feeling FULL FULL FULL that it is hard to get back to being sensible. So now, after a meal when I think I still feel hungry I make myself wait. I go and do something else to take my mind off it and make a cup of tea.

It is common knowledge that your brain often mixes up thirsty with hungry so make sure you are all drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day.

I will be back with some new moves and grooves soon!


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's good to be back! Week 2

My second week and things are getting better, it feels so good to have a goal and making an effort to work out again.

Weight: 70.6kg DOWN 0.6KG so it IS coming down!

No change on the rest of the stats but it has only been a week and it will come down. I am taking it slower this time round due to the septic arthritis but it WILL all come off. So far this week I have been riding for an hour and had a 30min work out on the cross trainer (elliptical) and some strength training. The only way is up from here!

I have LOADS of new moves to share with you all so when the kids are asleep I will get blogging!


Monday, January 23, 2012

ENOUGH is enough!

I am giving myself a MAJOR butt kick! Arthritis or no arthritis, I need to get fit again and reclaim my body!

I may be left with arthritis forever but hoping not. Won't know for a while yet so I am not going to let it hold me back. I am SUPER fed up of not being able to run as that was always my go to work out as I can take the kids with me. SOOOOO...we treated our selves to an elliptical trainer this weekend...low impact cardio so it is easy on my joints and I can do it with the kids running around.

This morning I have taken measurements and done a basic 30mins strength work out (still waiting for Scotty to put the elliptical together)

So...as embarrassing as this may be here they are:

weight: 71.5kg I WILL BE 68kg by the end of February!
hips: 41.5inches
bust: 37inches
waist: 32inches

I am ordering a new heart rate monitor today as I really find that helps and am going to be stricter with what I am eating as to be honest I have been very lazy.

So....weigh in and stats every Monday and I will post workout progress through out the week!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Infections, arthritis and hospitals

Hello blitzers. Yet another apology for not updating my blog but I have a VERY good excuse....

My Csection incision was infected but deep down so you couldn't actually tell. To cut a LONG story short, over a period of a week I went from normal Amy, but a little sore, to not being able to walk or move, a temperature of 40deg and a heart rate of 140bpm. The infection had been running rampant for over 4 weeks, attacking my muscles and joints and as a result I also have Septic Arthritis.

A 10 day hospital stay, a further week of IV antibiotics at an IV clinic and another 2 weeks of oral antibiotics! Unfortunately I will have the arthritis for 6 to 9  months so my training regime is on the back burner.

I am still calorie counting and I will slowly be getting back into walking and yoga etc as my doctor says I can but it has been a very scary few weeks. When I can walk with no pain I may start blitzing again!!!

In the meant time I WILL post diet information etc but the belly blitzing will wait till at least January when i see my internal medicine specialist again.

Happy Blitzing!